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Leadership, Global MS (Worldwide)

Program Overview

Golden Gate University designed an accelerated graduate program that is dedicated to working professionals residing in China. Using a 7.5-week term format, this program is offered online in Chinese (Mandarin) through our partner, Beacon Education. Note: This program is available only to students who enroll via the Beacon Education platform.

Aligned to GGU’s leadership and service mission, the Global Master of Science in Leadership (GMSL) is an action-based, language accessible, 27-unit accelerated program focused on providing tactical and strategic leadership and service skills necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving global management and strategy ecosystem and its issues. Offered in an accelerated delivery compared to the traditional MS in Leadership, GMSL students take key courses that focus on global issues impacting organizations and leadership. Building on existing GGU MS Leadership, MBA, Project Management, Psychology, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and MS Business Analytics courses, the GMSL degree is designed for the global marketplace. To be inclusive and accessible to the cross-cultural and inter-cultural marketplace, the curriculum is delivered in online and language accessible format.

In this GGU Worldwide Master of Science in Leadership program, students will learn leadership skills that are critical to harnessing and directing the talents of a diverse workforce – critical skills such as adaptive decision-making, designing and leading complex change, and leveraging business data – plus soft skills that help influence decisions, build emotional intelligence, and bring out the best performance in employees.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Apply a variety of cutting-edge management and leadership frameworks and tools.
  • Build and lead high performing, diverse, and inclusive teams.
  • Demonstrate adaptive and transformational leadership capabilities in dealing with diverse audiences in rapidly changing, complex and chaotic organizational situations.
  • Identify and defend which decision-making methods to use in a variety of common scenarios.
  • Demonstrate an ability to think, act, and influence strategically.
  • Demonstrate negotiation skills to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Integrate leadership and management knowledge, skills, and mindsets into an individualized leadership philosophy and toolkit.