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Business Administration, Global DBA (Worldwide)

Program Overview

Golden Gate University designed an accelerated graduate program that is dedicated to working professionals residing in China. Using a 7.5-week term format, this program is offered online in Chinese (Mandarin) through our partner, Beacon Education. Note: This program is available only to students who enroll via the Beacon Education platform.

Aligned to GGU’s leadership and service mission, the Global DBA (GDBA) is action-based, language accessible, fast-paced 57-unit degree focusing on providing doctoral level tactical and strategic leadership and service skills necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving global management and strategy ecosystem and its issues. Offered in an accelerated delivery GDBA students take key courses that focus on management issues impacting organizations, leadership, and service. Building on existing GGU DBA courses, the GDBA program is designed for global management and marketplace. To be inclusive and accessible to the cross-cultural and inter-cultural marketplace, the GDBA curriculum is delivered in online and language accessible format.

GGU Worldwide’s Global DBA program is designed for professionals who want to further their career with the most advanced business degree program GGU offers. The GDBA program addresses the learning needs and objectives of senior business managers, consultants and university professors. Its primary objective is to produce graduates who can contribute to the advancement of their professions and to the expansion of knowledge and awareness of contemporary strategic issues and practices.

Our curriculum has a three-tiered focus. Students examine current theories, practices, and issues in business; train in research methods; and study the relationships between business and social and global issues. We believe doctoral students must be adept in all these areas to be successful contributors to the expansion of knowledge and improvement of business practices. For the dissertation, students conduct original research on a topic of current importance and personal interest. The dissertation should impact and help illuminate the strategic issues they face in their professions.

The program encourages students to accept the added responsibility of a shared commitment to the advancement of their professions and to upholding the highest ethical standards in the private or public sector.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the GDBA program will achieve the program’s primary objectives through the development of:

  • A thorough knowledge of the scientific and scholarly research methods and their application in the business setting in a senior management position, as a consultant, as a professor at the university level.
  • Advanced critical and strategic thinking, conceptual and analytical skills.
  • A strong understanding of both the seminal theories and the latest practices in business management including advanced and intensive knowledge of theory and practice in business.
  • Advanced ability to use qualitative and quantitative tools to perform original applied research and analytics that advances business knowledge.
  • An appreciation of cultural, ethical, diversity, equity, justice, environmental, and global issues and their impact on business theory and practices.
  • Advanced skills necessary for effective decision-making in complex environments through integrating theoretic insights with practical knowledge.