DBA 891

Dissertation Proposal Defense

8 Unit(s)

This course provides the student the opportunity to complete and present a doctoral dissertation research proposal defense. Students work with a mentor/dissertation chair to present the first three chapters of their dissertation: the introduction, literature review and research design and methodology. The introduction gives the reader a clear expectation of what is to follow and establishes the context for the research as well as its significance. The literature review provides a “deep dive” into relevant literature and scholarly works so that the reader can see continuity between the dissertation and prior research in the field of focus. The research design and methodology describe how the research question(s) will examined and answered. The proposal must identify testable hypotheses and specify how they will be tested and analyzed, include solid drafts of expected surveys, interview guides, and/or focus group discussion questions. The dissertation proposal defense presents evidence which is factually and logically valid, and which is ordered in an appropriate analytic structure.  Graded on a credit/no credit basis.