Externship Clinics

Summer Externship applications are due on March 22nd.

Students should apply by the deadline even if they do not have a placement. A placement will be needed by the first week of classes, contact the Career Center if you need assistance obtaining an externship.

For Summer 2024, Law 896A (Civil) and Law 896B (Advanced) will be offered. If you have not taken an externship course before, you would enroll in Law 896A. If you have taken an externship course before, you would enroll in Law896B.


In order to obtain credit for an externship, students must take a course concurrent with their externship. To register for the externship course, students must submit the externship application packet with their current resume to: externships@ggu.edu. All documents are due by the deadline above. If the application is approved, the Externship Director will email the registrar to have the student registered in the externship course.

Submission of the application packet is required to register in the class but does not guarantee approval of the placement or space in the class. Students will be notified once their applications are approved. Please read the short FAQ below to learn about our application process and requirements.

Further information can be found in the FAQs below, including information relevant for potential employers.

Questions? Contact Director of Externships Faiza Shirazi via email: externships@ggu.edu. 

Important Information

  • Placements for pay and credit must be approved by the Program Director before the start of the semester.
  • Externship placements are subject to ABA attendance requirements. Students must work a minimum of 6 weeks of the Summer and 12 weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Only hours worked during the term of the semester can be counted toward externship credits. See the FAQs for information on how to compute credits for the placement.
  • Students may not earn federal work study and credit in the same semester.
  • Externships are open to international JD students, SJD, and LLM students. Please see FAQ for additional registration information for international students.
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