Accounting Internship

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?

You must be in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA).  The type of work you are expected to perform must be in alignment with the Master of Science in Accounting Data & Analytics Learning Outcomes.  Your internship supervisor or the person evaluating your work performance must be a licensed CPA in good standing.

What classes must be completed for an MS in Accounting Data & Analytics (MS.ADA) student to be eligible for accounting internship course credit?

A MS.ADA student must have satisfied all accounting proficiency and accounting foundation courses, and have completed the (4) Core Courses (ACCTG 300, ACCTG 336, ACCTG 339, ACCTG 351C) and one other ACCTG prefix graduate-level course or a course in the concentration.

Students in the MS.ADA. with a concentration in Taxation who are interested in pursuing a tax internship should refer to the MST Internship requirements.

What documents are required to evaluate whether an internship offer qualifies for course credit?

All below listed documents are required for evaluation:

  • Copy of the official offer letter from the firm containing the following information (missing info may be confirmed via email by the firm):
    • Start and end date of internship
    • Expected work hours per week
  • List of responsibilities for the position (acceptable forms listed below):
    • Email from the firm that clearly explains the position’s duties (preferred)
    • A copy of and link to the listing for the position that you have been offered on the firm’s website that clearly states the duties (additional information may be requested)
  • Resume
  • Completed Internship Course Request Form

Are international students eligible for internship course credit?

Yes. Upon review of the required documents, a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) letter must be issued. All documents must be reviewed by an academic advisor who will issue an updated Form I-20, at which point registration is approved.

What is ACCTG 398?

ACCTG 398 is the course for which you will be registered if your internship qualifies for course credit. It allows you to receive academic course credit for the work experience gained through an internship. ACCTG 398 is treated as an elective and a letter grade will be issued after completion. ACCTG 398 affords students the opportunity to gain direct accounting practice experience for course credit. The educational value of the internship lies in the student’s ability to apply the substantive body of accounting knowledge and skills in a real-world setting under the supervision of an accounting practitioner.

An internship should meet the following objectives:

  • Assist the student’s development of professional skills.
  • Expose the student to the environment and expectations of performance in a professional accounting practice.
  • Enhance and expand the student’s knowledge of particular areas of accounting.
  • Assist the student’s development of related skills such as attention to detail and teamwork.
  • Build professional relationships and entworks, enhancing employment and mentorship opportunities.

As part of the course work, students are expected to complete assignments and submit reflection papers during the internship course. For more detailed information on ACCTG 398, please refer to the course syllabus.

Do I qualify for internship course credit if I have previous accounting work experience?

ACCTG 398 is intended for students ​ to gain hands-on work experience in the field of accounting. To qualify for course credit, students must have no prior professional work experience in the practice area(s) identified in the internship offer.

Is it possible to participate in an internship without receiving course credit?

Domestic students have the option of pursuing an internship without enrolling in ACCTG 398. International students are only able to participate in an internship for course credit, as it is considered Curricular Practical Training (CPT). For questions regarding Optional Practical Training (OPT), please see your graduate advisor.

How many hours are required to receive course credits?

To qualify for 3-units of elective course credit, students must work minimum of 240 hours. To qualify for 6-units of elective course credits, students must work 480 hours in the practice area(s) identified in the internship offer. Internship course credits count as elective credits. The number of units a student may qualify for is dependent on available elective units remaining in the program.

Do students have to pay tuition for ACCTG 398?

Yes, since the class is satisfying degree requirements.