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Engineering Management, Professional MS (Worldwide)

Program Overview

Golden Gate University has partnered with University HUB to co-design professional graduate programs that are dedicated to facilitating working professionals and international students. These programs are offered in Hybrid mode, which requires international students to fulfill in-person residency requirements at the Golden Gate University San Francisco campus for two weekends during every 15-week trimester academic period. This program is offered with two tracks: General & Internship. The Internship Track requires an additional five units of internship coursework to be completed concurrently with the academic coursework over the duration of the program. Note: This program is available only to students who enroll via the University HUB platform.

Aligned to GGU’s leadership and service mission, the Professional Master of Science in Engineering Management is a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary degree program designed from concepts and skills introduced through GGU’s leading edge Leadership, Business Analytics, Project Management, Marketing and Operations Supply Chain Management program courses.

Inspired by innovative, resilient, and competitive practices from the San Francisco Silicon Valley, the degree program is designed to bridge the gap between engineering and management, equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and manage engineering projects and organizations effectively. This program is tailored for individuals seeking to advance their careers in engineering while developing strong managerial and leadership capabilities, locally and globally.

Students are able to directly apply their learning in their jobs as they pursue their degrees. Unlike traditional master’s degrees, professional master’s programs emphasize technical training and the development of in-demand business and leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Apply leading edge business principles and practices to solve complex and evolving problems in the local and global economy.
  • Apply responsible business practices and ethical principles to inform decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Deliver professional quality communications that demonstrate appropriate audience awareness and messaging.
  • Demonstrate effective and strategic leadership performance, collaboration, and teamwork.


The degree program requires completion of a total of 30 units. Students must earn a grade of “C-” or better in each course and cumulative grade-point average of 3.00 or better.