Law School Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Academic Year

Fall 2023 Through Summer 2024

JD, MLS, LLM, and SJD Tuition
JD Tuition $1,750 per unit
MLS Tuition $660 per unit
LLM Tuition $1,860 per unit*
SJD Tuition $21,800 per residency term (Note: students must complete two residency terms during the first year of the program.)
$1,000 per candidacy term
J-1 Visa Visiting Scholar $5,000 per semester (fees included)

*Auditors are assessed 2/3 of the applicable tuition rate.

Recurring Miscellaneous Fees

Fees Per Term (Non-refundable after instruction for term begins)
Technology Fee (Refundable according to applicable Withdrawal Policy) $85
Student Bar Association (JD, SJD International, LLM International & LLM US Legal; Fall & Spring Semesters only) $50
JD Public Interest Program (Fall & Spring only) $15
International Student Services Fee (F & J Visa Holders) $275
Delinquent Term Charges Fee (See note 2 below) $100


Fees Per Occurrence
Application for Admission:
All academic programs
No Charge
Seat Deposit (Applied to Tuition)
LLM Student, J-1 Visiting Scholar
Deferred Payment Plan Fees:
Installment Payment Fee
Corporate Reimbursement Payment Plan Fee
Late Payment Fee
Late Payment Finance Charge (per month)
Late Registration Fee (See note 1 below)
Returned Check Service Charge $25
Transcript Request – Online through the National Student Clearinghouse (per copy + $2.90 per address) $10
Transcript Request – Offline (per copy) $15
Transcript Request – Rush order processing (optional hold-for-pickup) $20
Transcript Express Delivery Fee – U.S. Address $39
Transcript Express Delivery Fee – Canada or Mexico Address $59
Transcript Express Delivery Fee – International Address $75
Duplicate Diploma Fee $50
Student ID Replacement Fee $10

Note 1: Law students who submit their registration forms after the Last Day to Register/Add per the Academic Calendar will be charged a Late Registration Fee of $100. Courses that start after the first week of the term may be added prior to the second class meeting without the instructor’s approval and without incurring a Late Registration Fee.

Note 2: Students will be assessed a delinquent term charges fee of $100 per semester/session if all tuition and fees are not paid in-full by the payment deadline for the term, as published in the academic calendar.