Jere Sitko, PH.D.

Senior Adjunct Professor: Business

Dr. Sitko obtained Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley and started teaching at GGU in 1995. Courses taught include: Theories of Personality; Biological Bases of Behavior; Cross Cultural; Developmental; and Psychopharmacology.

He has been employed full time with Kaiser Permanente since 1997. At Kaiser he is involved in the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Additionally, he leads Overcoming Depression Groups using CBT, a group for people with OCD using Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP).

He has worked in a variety of mental health settings: state psychiatric hospitals, group homes, community mental healthcenters, hospice care, and in private practice. When not working Dr. Sitko likes to swim, go to Hot Yoga, hang out with his 2 Cotons (Felipe & Louie), play piano, read, garden and socialize.