Employment Statistics

Students come to GGU Law with a range of professional goals as diverse as their backgrounds. Office of Career Services (OCS) staff work with students individually to tailor the job search to their specific goals. We encourage you to contact GGU Office of Career Services at lawcareer@ggu.edu or 415-442-6625. Our career advisors are eager to tell you about the unique services and resources we provide to our students and alumni to support them in their successful transition from law school to career.

Per Interpretation 509-2 of Standard 509, law schools may choose to publicize additional employment outcome data beyond what the Employment Protocols require. This additional data, per Standard 509, must be “complete, accurate, and not misleading to a reasonable law school student or applicant.” Law schools are expected to use “due diligence in obtaining and verifying such information.” The following additional employment outcome data has not been, and will not be, audited by the ABA. It is meant to supplement the annual ABA Employment Summary Report, which reflects the employment status of members of each graduating class as of the annual Graduate Employment Status Date of March 15. Please reference the 3 years of employment outcome data posted on the ABA Required Disclosures webpage of each ABA-Approved Law School or at www.abarequireddisclosures.org.

Information on employment outcomes for the Class of 2020 may not reflect a particular law school’s typical results in this area. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bar admission exams were canceled or delayed in many jurisdictions, thus making it more challenging for graduates to secure employment by the annual Graduate Employment Status Date of March 15. Please reference the 3 years of employment outcome data posted on the ABA Required Disclosures webpage of each ABA-Approved Law School or at www.abarequireddisclosures.org.

Employment Data

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Slight differences between the NALP and ABA reports linked above are due to their differing methodology.

Snapshot: Class of 2016

Class of 2016 graduates found a variety of ways to launch their careers. GGU collected employment information from the entire class, approximately ten months after they graduated. Of our graduates who reported they were employed, the great majority of them (72.3%) were employed in jobs that required bar passage or where a JD provided an advantage.

While this information may be helpful in understanding general employment trends, it cannot provide the full picture of the experience of our graduates or predict future employment outcomes.

Partial Employer List

Members of GGU’s Class of 2016 have found long-term, full-time positions with a variety of employers, including:

  • ADZ Law, LLP
  • Alameda County District Attorney’s Office
  • Alameda County Homeless Action Center
  • Andersen Tax
  • Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office
  • Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum
  • Berkeley Stay LLC
  • CAIR California
  • Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke
  • Delfino Green & Green
  • Dudnick Detwiler Rivin & Stikker, LLP
  • Eagle Canyon Capital
  • East Bay Children’s Law Offices
  • Emley Law Offices
  • Finnegan, Marks, Theofel & Desmond
  • First Capital Real Estate Investments
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Hosie Rice LLP
  • Hot Rod Shop, Inc.
  • Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Kern, Noda, Devine & Segal
  • La Raza Centro Legal, Inc.
  • Law Office of Joseph Tillson
  • Law Offices of David Ewing
  • Law Offices of Gould & Hahn
  • Law Offices of John Burris
  • Law Offices of Marc C. Watson
  • Law Offices of Moseley Collins
  • Law Offices of Santana, Vierra & Symonds
  • Legal Services of Northern California
  • McNamara Law
  • Moskowitz LLP
  • Myers & Associates
  • National Guard Association of California
  • Oakland Police Department
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Remy Moose Manley, LLP
  • Social Justice Collaborative
  • Solar City
  • Stanislaus County District Attorney
  • Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco Unified Family Court
  • Swords to Plowshares
  • Titan Regulation
  • Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C.
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division
  • University of California, San Francisco
  • Valla & Associates, Inc. PC
  • Vought & Boutris LLP

Law Jobs: By the Numbers

Get the employment information you want the way you want it. Law Jobs: By the Numbers, a tool launched by Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers, allows you to compare employment rates using formulas applied by US News, NALP, and others. Additionally, you can design your own employment formulas in a few clicks to focus on the employment information that matters most to you. It is the best, most comprehensive and customizable tool we know of for providing postgraduate JD employment information the way users need it.

Bridge Fellowship Program

To assist in a smooth transition to law practice, GGU provides modest stipends to recent graduates who are volunteering in a legal capacity for courts, government agencies, and public interest organizations. Several of these Fellows were subsequently hired by their host organizations, or by other organizations, as a direct result of the experience and professional contacts they gained in these positions. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office, The Alameda County Superior Court, Homeless Action Center, the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Offices, Bayview/ Hunters Point Community Legal (BHPCL), Equal Justice Fellowship, and California Lawyers of Arts were just some of the agencies that selected GGU graduates as Bridge Fellows.

Programs & Resources

For GGU Law Students & Graduates

Our dedicated Office of Career Services (OCS) professional staff provides comprehensive services to support students and graduates in their transitions from law school to professional life.

Professional Staff Offerings

One-on-One Counseling
Beginning in their first year, students receive individualized guidance and coaching from one of our four attorney-career counselors.

Access to Industry Experts
OCS continually brings attorneys and judges to campus to speak about practice areas and job types. Students have access to successful alumni through GGU’s 30-Minute Mentoring Program.

Resources for Graduating Students
OCS offers a series of workshops specifically targeted to the needs of graduating students. Recent graduates receive weekly email with job search advice, job leads, and networking opportunities.

Real-Time Information on Jobs, Networking
OCS utilizes an, email, LinkedIn, and a YouTube channel to inform students about trends in the market, job search advice, job and grant opportunities and networking events, with a specially structured program for public interest opportunities.

Recruitment Programs
GGU hosts semi-annual recruitment programs and promotes job fairs to link students with formal internship and job opportunities. OCS also maintains a password-protected website featuring job listings and a database of 7,000 employers.