OLHS 116

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations

3 Unit(s)

In this course, students will understand the value of innovation, creativity, and design thinking in organizations and how to approach their work and the work of the organization using their own creative potential to design innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Students will explore skills in problem solving, management, and critical thinking to learn new ways of perceiving and tackling challenges. Students will become familiar with the principals of design thinking and how to apply these principles into professional and personal situations and dilemmas within and beyond organizations.

Today’s business ecosystems are heavily influenced by innovative and nimble organizations. The stereotypical picture of innovation in the modern economy is that of the small, startup company ready to jump at new opportunities; however, established companies can also provide a breeding ground for disruptive innovations while also providing a critical infrastructure to help new ideas grow and thrive. This course will develop the skills to nurture entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and creativity in any organizational environment. By completing the course, students will gain the ability to recognize when an organization can benefit from these skills and will teach students how to use them to create the innovations needed for an organization to succeed. Prerequisite(s): OLHS 110.