LLM 322C

Import and Export Regulations and Compliance

3 Unit(s)

This course will be conducted using the lecture and case-study methods to provide participants with instruction in the core trade law compliance disciplines: International Business Document Requirements, Compliance with Import Regulations and Procedures, and Compliance with Export Regulations and Procedures. It will also provide participants with practical, hands-on training in dealing with real-world problems or simulations that give them the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to an actual import or export problem and thereby reinforce what they have learned during the instruction period(s). It will provide participants with a marketable skill-set that is increasingly in demand to meet a growing need for professionals who possess the requisite background and skill-set to guide corporations and government agencies through the myriad of laws and regulations dealing with international and domestic trade law compliance. In addition to learning and applying practical skills, participants will be able to participate in long-term research and writing projects to support demands from industry and government for analyses of trade compliance issues.