LAW 845

Reimagining Criminal Justice

2 Unit(s)

This course is an opportunity to explore, discuss, and write about recent proposals to reimagine criminal justice in the United States. We will consider the implications of these proposals and their potential for creating a more just system of criminal law and procedure by eliminating the significant discriminatory impact the system has had on underrepresented minorities and impoverished communities. Students will select a book on criminal justice to read, review, and present to the rest of the class. Students will draft two short opinion pieces (1,200 words) on proposed reforms of their choice. Students will also make 2-3 short formal presentations to the class. We will study the components of the recent House Bill entitled “Justice in Policing Act of 2020.” We will also discuss possible federal and state reforms that address decisions by the US Supreme Court in the area of criminal law and criminal procedure that have contributed to an unfair system of justice. This course will not have a final exam.