LAW 804T

Trial Evidence and Advocacy

5 Unit(s)

Specifically-designed for the Summer Trial and Evidence Program (1st STEP), this course combines the courses of trial advocacy and evidence in the courtroom, as well as presentation and acting techniques from a theater instructor. In the trial advocacy part, students learn the basic skills needed by every lawyer going to court: conducting a direct examination of a witness, introducing documents and physical evidence, cross-examining witnesses, making and answering objections, and preparing opening statements and closing arguments. In the evidence in the courtroom part, students learn that the rules of evidence dictate the manner of criminal and civil trials. Students will learn how arguments under the rules of evidence and evidentiary rulings play out in the courtroom. This course connects the rules of evidence and evidentiary determinations with the skills of trial advocacy. The final examination for this course is a full trial. Corequisite (within 1st STEP): Evidence. This course counts toward completion of the Experiential Learning Requirement.