LAW 776C

Veterans Legal Advocacy Clinic

2-4 Unit(s)

Students in this multi-disciplinary on campus program will learn and practice veterans disability law and procedure and represent actual clients before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Under attorney supervision, students will engage in client interviews, attorney-client communications and relationship, evidence gathering, factual investigation, legal research, case strategy, and objective and persuasive legal writing. Students will gain practical experience in veterans and administrative law. Through direct client services, students are exposed to many issues facing indigent clients beyond their interactions with the military. Students are expected to be thoroughly prepared and zealously represent their client. After completion of the course, students will have practiced and experienced many aspects of attorney-client representation, and the undertaking of a legal matter from its initial beginnings to completion. This course counts toward completion of the Experiential Learning Requirement. Previous or concurrent enrollment in LAW 776D- Veterans Legal Advocacy Seminar required.