DBA 851

Operational Performance Management

4 Unit(s)

Operational Performance Management is a dynamic subset of Business Analytics that has yet to be consistently mastered by many successful firms due to an ever-changing business environment. For this reason, Operational Performance Management is a growing field which needs to be fully explored and developed. Both strategic and practical implications related to Operational Performance Management will be discussed infusing decision-making in organizations by top management. Frameworks currently offered in this field will be explored but new ones will be developed as part of this course. Strategy mapping, balanced scorecards, and Key Performance Indicators will be used to holistically analyze and drive a firm to success. Drawing on various sources and analyzing key BIG DATA needed to advance a company’s strategic vision will be explored. Practitioners, who seek competitive advantages through enhancing organizational performance, will grow their expertise in this course through analyzing, mapping, and driving organizations towards their vision and strategic goals.