Jay Gonzalez speaking in front of students.

Dr. Joaquin "Jay" Gonzalez

Dean of GGU Worldwide

Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Mayor George Christopher Professor of Public Administration

A GGU faculty member since 2000, Joaquin “Prof Jay” Gonzalez III, PhD is Vice Provost for Global Affairs and Dean of GGU Worldwide. Prof Jay, as he is fondly referred to by students globally, is also Mayor George Christopher Professor of Public Administration and Chair of GGU’s Department of Public Administration—the oldest Public Administration program in Northern California. He was Russell T. Sharpe Professor of Business from 2014-2016. As Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Prof Jay is responsible for implementing GGU’s worldwide educational and partnership initiatives.

A four-time Teaching Excellence and five-time Research Excellence Awardee, Prof Jay has held professorial appointments at the National University of Singapore—Asia’s top university, De La Salle University, and was the founding Director of the University of San Francisco’s Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program and Asian Studies Program. He is former Dean and Designated School Official (DSO) of Heald College’s School of Business and Technology in San Francisco. After completing his doctoral studies from the University of Utah, Prof Jay worked for the Finance and Private Sector Development Division of the World Bank in Washington, DC and was on the team that wrote the East Asian Miracle—the World Bank’s best-selling book. Since then, he has done consulting assignments with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UNDP, UN’s International Organization for Migration, US Agency for International Development, and the US Department of Defense.

His extensive global education experiences include designing and delivering training and partnership programs for GGU, SF State, USF, the International City/County Management Association, State Department, USAID, and the Department of Defense. Prof Jay has facilitated agreements between GGU and several universities in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. Prof Jay was Governance and Urban Development Senior Adviser with USAID’s Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (Philippines), and Enabling Growth through Investment and Enterprise Program (Tanzania), and Cities for Enhanced Governance and Engagement (Philippines).

After the tragic events of 9/11, Prof Jay agreed to serve the City of San Francisco as Immigrant Right Commissioner. As an Asian American community leader, he is served as Board President of West Bay Pilipino Multi-Services Center and the Pilipino Senior Resource Center. For his exemplary service to the San Francisco community and country, Prof Jay received a US Special Congressional Recognition in 2005.

Inspired by the leading edge urban and public affairs practices in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, Prof Jay has written 20 books highlighting best practices on school safety, cybersecurity, climate change and disasters, homeless care, immigrant rights, anti-corruption, and the Philippine business culture. Prof Jay has published in top scholarly journals including International Migration Review, Policy Studies Journal, Journal of Asian Economics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management, Asian Journal of Political Science, Pacific Focus, Asian Journal of Public Administration, and International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. He is the author of two leading books on the intersection of religion and migration with New York University Press and Duke University Press.