OP 301

Sustainable Supply Chain Operations

3 Unit(s)

Designed to develop advanced skills in sustainable global supply chain management (GSCM). Focuses on how to acquire resources, produce products and services, and deliver them to customers with minimal environmental impact, while assuring maximum customer satisfaction and healthy organizational profits. Students will learn about the significant opportunities that GSCM has for sustainable development and key factors that are influencing them. Included will be incorporating sustainability into both product and service design and sustainable best practices in the areas of energy conservation, recycling and reuse. Addresses four interrelated areas of the supply chain: 1) upstream activities of manufacturing product, 2) downstream activities involving the usage of the products until finally consumed, 3) within-the-organization relating to green design, green packaging and green production and 4) logistics involving just-in-time, fulfillment and quality management connections to environmental criteria. The combined impact of these functions is focused on creating customer, economic, employee and social value for the business. Corequisite(s): OP 321