MSBA 305

Business Intelligence and Decision Support

3 Unit(s)

Provides a comprehensive and in-depth coverage of design and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) systems in a business enterprise context. Covers data integration (including ETL process), Data Warehousing (including OLAP and Big Data) and Business Analytics (Data mining, data visualization). A focus of this class will be to recognize business problems and business needs that can be addressed with BI methods, and introduce a variety of tools and processes necessary to implement BI systems from requirements definition and business justification to technical implementation. Hands-on exercises will strengthen student’s ability to utilize contemporary BI tools such as MicroStrategy, Microsoft PowerBI, Alteryx, and model-based scenarios for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Assignments are designed to combine graduate level research with experience-building transition from theory into tacit knowledge. The term project, which is discussed and worked on throughout the course, allows students to apply what they learn in the class to a data set of their choice to demonstrate mastery of the subject. Prerequisite(s): MSBA 300 or ACCTG 336 or TA 336.