MKT 324

Web and Social Network Analytics

3 Unit(s)

Focuses on the practice of analytics. Students will be introduced to traditional media analytics, social media analytics and web analytics using the R language. Students will learn skills, methods and tools necessary for analytical work in a broad variety of businesses situations with a range of data structures. Students will learn how to acquire information in a variety of forms – such as text (newspaper articles, blog posts and social messages) and numbers (from web analytics) – and transform them into data, which they will be able to analyze applying statistical methods with the help of R. Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to complete basic media analysis as part of marketing, or competitive research; to run methodologically sound analysis of social media; to report on web analytics; and to apply basic statistical concepts to a variety of analyses. Prerequisite(s): BUS 240. Cross-listed with and equivalent to the following course. (Note: no academic credit is awarded for retaking equivalent course.): MSBA 324.