LLM 360

International Business Transactions

3 Unit(s)

This three (3) unit course will provide students with an introduction to the main multilateral and international rules, regimes and organizations governing international business transactions, international trade and international investment. By understanding the principles of international law and why States have established regimes and intergovernmental organizations and why States have adhered to these legal principles, students will gain a thorough appreciation of the important role these organizations, rules and regimes play in shaping and determining the flow of international business and investment. The students will acquire knowledge on how these regimes and organizations govern relations among States, how they function, the roles of member governments and secretariat officials, how decisions are made and their consequences and how disputes are resolved. As a result, students should be able to identify how and why an international organization or regime can contribute to the resolution of specific problems faced by governments, firms, or NGOs as a result of international trade and investment. The course will use a problem/case-study approach in dealing with legal issues arising in international commercial transactions, international trade, and international investment. Students will gain an appreciation for the intersection of conflicting national legal norms that must be negotiated in order to complete cross-border transactions. Students will also gain an awareness of the international treaties that provide the background for these transactions while becoming familiar with some of the documents that are typically used in international trade.