LLM 322

International Trade Law and Dispute Resolution

3 Unit(s)

This course will provide students with an introduction to the main multilateral and international rules and regulations governing international trade in goods and services. It will provide students with a brief introduction to principles of International Law with an emphasis on the concept of sovereignty and the principles of Treaty Law. It will introduce students to the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) and then provide an in-depth look at the international trade agreements such as The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (“GATT”). The course will also give students an appreciation of how the WTO functions to enforce those rules and regulations through a formal dispute resolution system by actively participating in simulated trade-dispute scenarios using real-world WTO cases. Students will acquire knowledge on how the WTO resolves trade disputes between states by analyzing past and current trade disputes to determine whether a state’s actions are/were consistent with its obligations under the WTO Agreement. trade and investment. The course is based on the lecture and case-study methods and will be participative in design. It is intended to provide students with the opportunity to develop a marketable skill-set: analyzing international trade disputes. This course counts toward completion of the Upper-Division Writing Requirement as a practice-based writing course.