LAWU 114

Property Law

3 Unit(s)

In Property Law, students will be introduced to and acquire mastery of the basic principles of Property Law in all of its social, economic and legal dimensions. Property Law covers a wide range of concerns, including real, personal, and intellectual property. As such, Property Law introduces students to a multitude of different, specialized substantive legal areas, such as family law, land use law, landlord-tenant law real estate law, wills, trusts and estate law, and others. The course also affords students the ability to understand and master the difference between common, or judge-made, law and statutory law enacted by legislators; this allows students to examine the debates about the ideal sources of lawmaking. Finally, Property Law will allow students to develop analytical and drafting skills related to documents as diverse as a residential lease and an estate plan and last will and testament. Corequisite(s): LAWU 100.  Cross-listed with and equivalent to the following course. (Note: no academic credit is awarded for retaking equivalent course.): LAW 314.