LAW 896B

Externship: Advanced

2-8 Unit(s)

This course is open to students who are repeating an externship in the same field of practice. It is online-only and includes both webinar and field work components. Online, students build on skills developed in prior externships, engage in discussion, and reflect on progressive goals and performance. In the field, students continue their practice in criminal or civil litigation, transactional work, or in their judicial placements. Fieldwork can, but does not need to be, in the same office as the previous externship. All sessions are online-only. Students may earn 2-8 credits per semester. This course counts toward completion of the Experiential Learning Requirement and is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. Application required by deadline to enroll and is subject to approval by the Externships Director. The deadline is posted on the externship web page found at