LAW 885H

Comparative #Metoo

2 Unit(s)

This course explores gender-based violence around the globe through the lens of the #MeToo Movement. Tarana Burke coined the powerful term “me too” as part of her work supporting survivors of sexual violence, in particular girls and women of color. Upon the revelation about the conduct of former Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, actress and survivor Alyssa Milano used social media to encourage survivors of sexual violence to post “#MeToo.” The response was tremendous. In addition to discussing the response in the US, we will also study responses and backlashes in other countries. We will consider a number of questions, including: what is the range of definitions of gender-based violence? What have been the demands of women and other survivors? What have been the obstacles to change? What have been the forms of backlash experienced by feminists and other reformers?