LAW 863

Practical Legal Writing

2 Unit(s)

Starting bar review preparation early with a targeted purpose and approach is essential for exam success. Practical Legal Writing (PLW) is the first of two bar preparation classes students are encouraged to take in their final year of law school. In this course, through an introduction to the Performance Test section of the California Bar Exam, students will begin to develop the analytical and writing skills needed for success on the bar exam as a whole. Students will learn how to organize and write the various documents frequently tested via weekly simulation and review. Individual feedback is provided at several points in the semester to ensure progress and improvement. In addition to PLW, students are encouraged to take Early Bar Preparation (EBP) in their final semester for an in-depth substantive review of the most tested topics of the seven MBE subjects with an emphasis on essays and multiple choice questions. Students who have taken both PLW and EBP will be familiar with each component of the bar exam and enter their winter or summer bar review equipped with the framework and skills necessary to ensure a productive study period.