LAW 776D

Veterans Legal Advocacy Seminar

2 Unit(s)

The Veterans Legal Advocacy Seminar provides the skills necessary to understand the practice of law, and the theory of veterans’ law. The course will supplement a student’s legal education by teaching the practical skills necessary to succeed as an attorney in multiple legal areas, while working with real life situations and clients. The course will explore what it means to be an attorney while dealing with actual clients. It teaches students the skills necessary to undertake a legal matter from the initial client meeting to the completion of the case. Skills covered include: client interviewing, attorney-client communications and relationship, evidence gathering, factual investigation, legal research, case strategy, and objective and persuasive legal writing. In class, students will engage in discussions and potential solution to veterans’ legal issues, and think critically about policy issues surrounding veterans’ disability law and military discharge upgrades. After completion of the course, students will have sharpened their legal skills and obtained the confidence and ability to represent actual clients in a variety of legal settings.