FI 300A

Managerial Finance

3 Unit(s)

Introduces the principles of financial management at the level of the strategic business, in the departments and divisions of the firm. Students will focus on understanding capital budgeting and on planning and control decisions: how the firm’s funds are to be allocated across the universe of investment opportunities and how the successes of these efforts are to be monitored and evaluated. In addition, liquidity or cash management, a daily preoccupation of the financial manager will be explored. Students will learn the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary to making value-adding decisions in the SBU. In the process, the integration of finance with the other functional areas and strategic concerns of the firm will be emphasized. Case analysis and team projects are used as appropriate. Prerequisite(s):  ACCTG 1AACCTG 1B, and BUS 240 (or MATH 40 and MATH 104).