College Writing II

4 Unit(s)

College Writing II expands and reinforces the critical reading and writing skills developed in College Writing I. College Writing I was tightly focused on the argumentative or expository essay. Students were introduced to the mechanics of academic writing (close reading, asking analytic questions, forming a thesis, summarizing, developing an introduction, structuring an outline, doing research, practicing grammar, etc.) with an eye to forming an original argumentative essay. Students who successfully complete College Writing I have a solid understanding of three genres of argumentative essay: the close reading essay, the comparative analysis, and the multi-source paper. This work will be redeployed in College Writing II as they are acquainted with more creative forms of composition and a broader, more sophisticated approach to research. This course may not be audited. This course is offered only for students enrolled in GGU Degrees+ programs, in partnership with Outlier.org. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 61.