AIML 303

AI and Deep Learning Applications for NLP

3 Unit(s)

This course is aimed to teach advance topics that gives exposure to current research trends and latest happenings in Data Science. This module will cover advanced machine learning models which can process both structured and unstructured data (images, text, etc.) for performing tasks such as classification, regression and more. The AI and Deep learning models in many contexts can also overcome the limitations of other linear and shallow models. Students will learn to deal with Text (unstructured) data, pre-process the text data using various text preprocessing techniques, build application specific Ma-chine Learning and Deep Learning models. Students will gain exposure to complexities of text data and how the tools and techniques are applied to solve information extraction issues, from multiple data formats and convert into structured format. The course provides a hands-on exposure to build deep learning models, apply, predict and interpret the output and evaluate the performance of models.