MKT 160

Search and Display Advertising

3 Unit(s)

Have you ever searched for an item you want to buy and been presented with options that fit your needs? Have you ever spent some time browsing a product on a website, only to find an ad for that product at the next site you visit? You have experienced search and display as a consumer – this course focuses on search and display advertising from the marketer’s perspective. You will learn about the different channels and how they work. The course will also cover the best practices of ads and ad bidding. You will also have the opportunity to create a budget and provide recommendations to optimize your campaign. This course will give you insight into how online ads work and how companies can retarget customers for successful results. Students will also learn best practices for search and display and how to create effective strategies that build on their knowledge from previous courses in this program. Prerequisite(s): MKT 50. Corequisite(s): MATH 20.