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You created a business — and now you want fellow GGU alumni to know about it. You can showcase your business on the GGU Discount Center, where thousands of community members have access to exclusive deals from brands including yours.

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Complete our webform below with information about your business, a high-resolution image of your logo, and business discounts available to GGU alumni for a chance to promote your business on the GGU Discount Center and in various GGU collateral. Once your business is approved, we will send you an official GGU badge you can share and display on your website, social channels, or wherever you want to show off your GGU pride.

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By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have the authority to submit the foregoing information on behalf of the business represented. You further acknowledge that: a.) the participation of your business is solely in the University’ s discretion and it may either not list you and/or terminate your participation at any time for any reason or no reason; b.) neither you, nor anyone acting on behalf of the business will engage in any activity that would violate the University’ s Terms and Conditions and c.) Golden Gate University will be sharing this information with its vendor(s) providing services with respect to the GGU Discount Center.

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